Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day One: Monday 21st June

Firstly welcome to the official blog for the current archaeological excavations at Manor Lodge. We hope that you find this blog interesting and regularily read it.

The excavation has started. Topsoil has been removed. Spades and wheelbarrows dominated the day as well as some very interesting finds.

Weather: Hot and sunny

Word of the Day: Topsoil

Find of the day: Knurr from the game Knurr and Spell

These photographs are of one of the Knurr found. These balls are part of a game called Knurr and Spell. A small hard round ball, the Knurr, is hit with a slim club/stick/bat, the Spell (a bit like golf) in open spaces. It has been commonly associated with Yorkshire and is sometimes referred to as the 'Northern Spell'.

For more information on how to play visit: http://www.londoncensus.co.uk/downloads/knurrspell.pdf

And to watch how it is played, follow this link to watch the film 'Ower Bit Bog Oil' (1963-1964):

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