Monday, 28 June 2010

Day Six: Monday 28th June

Weather: Hot with dusty winds.

Word of the Day: Bricks and dust and bones.

Find of the Day: Cut line for the dog skeleton.

Quote of the Day: Alvaro- I haven't abandoned you. I have abandoned you.

Trench 15 have been digging out the 1970s trench. Here are just some of the bricks they have taken out.

Chris the excavation supervisor checking Trench 16's site plans.

We have our second entry in the Best Hat Competition. This entry comes from Gareth Perry, a PhD Archaeology student who is interested in 5th/6th Century Anglo Saxon Cremation Cemetries. Here, Gareth is sporting a straw cowboy hat.

Trench 17 are doing a second site plan after reaching the bottom of the base of the 1970s trench. Here CJ is measuring the from the bedrock to the base tape.

Lauren, showing Becky and Tom how to photograph a site.

Welcome to Charlie's Beard. This is where we are going to watch the progress of Charlie's beard over the next few weeks. This all happened when Charlie threatened to shave off his beard at Lunch. The group voted no and this feature was born.

A photograph of the dog skeleton in the soil before it's excavation.

Interview Corner: With Tom and Fogs.

(Tom and Fogs sharing a joke.)
Interview with Tom who has just finished his second year of a BSc in Archaeology and Fogs who will be moving into his second year of his BA in Archaeology.

Victoria: What do you like about Archaeology?

Tom: I enjoy the thrill of the find. (Laughs) I like to find whats been going on, trying to figure out as much as you can from a bit of pottery or bone, like that's been butchered, they've been eating meat and you can just build on that. I enjoy that bit personally.

Fogs: I've just always been interested in archaeology. Since I was a kid really. Done a year, looking forward to the second year, just exciting.

Victoria: Indiana Jones or Tony Robinson?

Tom: Bit of both I think.

Fogs: Tony Robinson in Indiana Jones' hat.

Tom: Always wanting to find the treasure but happy to find the rubbish. (Laughs) I think Indiana Jones really. Holding onto the back of a speeding truck.

Victoria: What is the most interesting thing we've found so far, in your opinion?

Tom: This. (Holding up a fragment of 1970s pottery). We found a marine button which is interesting to me. Depending on the age of the marine badge it could be off a tunic from the second world war, which would be great because it would place military installation up here.

Fogs: And you'd think there'd be one up here because it's high up. There's one at Wincobank Hill Fort and the concrete foundations are still there. Maybe there are some here.

A final word from Tom and Fogs about the dig.

Tom: It's applying it, like bits and pieces from different lectures and you're bringing it all together in one thing, seeing it come to life basically. Putting into practice the things you learn in lectures.

Fogs: The best way is actually getting out there and digging. Coming and digging something up. I've really looked forward to that. Having my trowel all scuffed up.

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