Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 10: Friday 2nd July

Weather: Hot

Word of the Day: Cake, chips and wheel barrow.

Find of the Day: A clay pipe bowl with a small amount of tobacco resin in the bottom.

Quote of the Day:
Charlotte- You're sharp aren't you.
Victoria- As sharp as a trowel.

The clay pipe bowl found by Team Trench 17. During the course of the dig we have found more fragments of clay pipe then worms. Today C.J. found the longest piece of clay pipe thus far. It measured at 10 and half centimetres.

It was Hannah's birthday today so we gave here a cake and a card.

Today we had a teaching session led by Alvaro on Lithics. He called this lesson, 'Monkeys and Rocks'.

Above is an arrow head dated back to the Neolithic period.

These pieces of flint from Europe, are from the Mesolithic period. They are between 12,000 to 9,000 years old.

Alvaro teaching the students.

A new entry for the Best Hat competition is this woolen panda number, as modelled by Laura.

For the past two weeks the atmosphere on site has been absolutely fantastic. It has been lovely to observe the way that the students and staff are interacting with one another and forming bonds and friendships. Above is a photograph of Hannah and Buttery Jonathan, sharing a joke whilst trowelling.

Charlie's Beard. If you look closely Charlie's beard is growing around the chin area.

10 Buttery Facts. (Above is Buttery Jonathan showing us his lovely t-shirt tan line. We call him Buttery Jonathan because his name is Jonathan Buttery. This is what happens when you have too much sun!)

1. Butter tea is drank in Tibet and is made from yak butter, salt and tea.
2. In Wisconsin, it is illegal to serve butter substitutes in state prisons.
3. Butter sculptures of figures from Tibetan mythology are produced in Buddhist monastries in Sikkim.
4. Butter was used as a cure for the bubonic plague with onion and garlic.
5. In Quebec, margarine must be a different colour to butter. Originally it was coloured dark red, but it is now nearly white.
6. At the annual Big Tex Choice Awards in Texas, deep fried butter won the prize for being most creative.
7. Before the body of a Parsi is removed from the house, their forehead is smeared with butter or ghee, and the dogs of the house are let in. If they lick the butter it is a good omen, if not it is a sign of perdition.
8. The world record for eating butter is seven quarter pound sticks in 5 minutes by Donald Lermon.
9. The word butter is thought to have come from the Sanskirt word Bhutari, which means the enemy of evil spirits.
10. Butter is more yellow in summer than in winter if it comes from grass fed cows.

Sourced by the very brilliant Kate Brown.


Name: Kate. BA Archaeology student.
Likes: Archaeology, industrial and black metal, corsets and platform boots.
Dislikes: the colour pink and liars.
Weird Fact: Kate is double jointed in every joint.
If you could be anyone for a day who would you be: Zoetica Ebb.
If I could be involved in any archaeological excavation, I'd like to excavate: Meso America

Name: Kanani from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA.
Likes: Josh Grobon, movies and family.
Dislikes: Centipedes and carrots.
Favourite films: Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth) and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Best Adventure: Driving in an ice storm.
If I could be involved in any archaeological excavation, I'd like to excavate: Bog Bodies.

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