Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 17: Tuesday 13th July

Weather: Grey

Word of the Day: Planning

Find of the Day: Another small cherub figure without a head. (Pictured Below)

We have found a considerably large amount of pottery with words on. Here is another example.

Plannning is the word of the day for this grey tuesday. Photographing, section planning, levelling and site plans were all taking place. Every trench was doing some kind of planning. Above, Tom is showing students who have joined the excavations this week and last how to use the dumpy level.

This is Liz doing a section plan of this feature. This involves measuring every single feature so the plan can be as acurate as possible. Here Liz is about to measure the depth of the feature at different points on the base tape.

We have another entry for the competition of Best Hat. This entry comes from CJ and is a corduroy flat cap.

This is an incredibly detailed site plan of a the 1970s trench in trench 16. Buttery Jonathan and Mauro have both been busy planning every single feature.

Here are students site planning after having used the dumpy level and staff to find out how the trench depth relates to sea level.

Charlie is still at Bawtry so we had to improvise once again to bring you Charlie's Beard. Inspired by 90s children's television, Victoria created a large face and beard out of mattocks, shovels, trowels, buckets and other tools. Neil Buchanan would be proud.


  1. This iteration of Charlie's beard is so genuinely epic.

  2. Thanks Charlie. The Blogger is obviously an arts and crafts genius.

  3. Quite obviously, yes!