Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 18th: Wednesday 14th July

Weather: Dull and grey

Word of the Day: Cellar

Find of the Day: A 18th/19th century cellar was found in trench 16. This brilliant find is pictured below. The camera was literally placed inside the opening to the cellar and 'take' was pressed with no idea as to what we were seeing.

A handle and a fragment of ceramic found in Trench 16. It has been suggested that this could maybe be dated back to the 17th century.

A stone floor in trench 16.

Students decided to make the act of filling up buckets of soil more enjoyable so started to make soil castles.

BreeAnn and Samantha have been collecting soil samples from trench 18 for environmental archeaology. The feature that they are collecting the samples from is thought to have been vegetation. Hedges could have potentially been planted here and this process will enable us to know exactly what was planted. Trench 15 will also be collecting soil samples to see if there is any correlation between the vegetation grown there with trench 18.

Charlie was on a research day today so we had to think of a way to represent Charlie's Beard. Toby Martin a PhD Archaeology student was Charlie's Beard model today. We managed to coax him into doing it with the promise of the fame.

Name: Charlotte. A MA Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations and Archaeology student from Edinburgh University.
Likes: Music, shopping and history.
Dislikes: Baked beans and snakes.
Favourite Songs: Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry and Baker Street-Jerry Rafertty.
Ideal Dinner Party Guests: Nelson Mandela, Johnny Wilkinson, Robert Pattinson, Robert Plant and Julius Caesar.
If I could be involved in any archaeological excavation, I'd like to excavate: Maritime. eg Mary Rose

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