Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 14: Thursday 8th July.

Weather: Warm and sunny.

Word of the day: Worms

Quote of the day: In reply to a comment about Nat's slow pace of shovelling soil into a wheelbarrow.
Nat: I'm slow because I was built to play piano and push pens.

Find of the Day: We haven't got one specific find of the day. Instead we are going to talk you through a number of interesting finds.

Today students also had a lecture led by Rachel Askew, a PhD Archaeology student, titled 'The Consumption of Material Culture in Castles during the English Civil Wars, 1642-49'.

Over the course of the last few weeks we have found a relatively high number of these fragments of 19th century jam jars.

This strange shape is actually a fish bone.

As previously said in past blogs, we have found more pieces of clay pipe than we have worms. However this piece found today differs from the others. This one has an addition on the end which we assume would be the end used to actually smoke through. It is the kind of shape which means it could be clamped between the teeth. Due to the fact that we have only found one end of a clay pipe has raised suspicion that there was just one really really long clay pipe.

This is a picture of worked bone, cut into an almost perfect square.

We have found lots and lots of animal teeth. This is the largest found and measures at about 2 inches long.

Above is some moulded plaster cornice found. It is used as decoration and for coving.

This section of trench 16 is being prepared for section drawing after some levelling took place yesterday.

At the osteology field school today, students were learning about Palaeopathology. This is the study of ancient diseases. After a lecture students were invited to look at bones which had suffered disease, trauma and illness and identify what had happened to the person by looking at the bones.

We have found a Charles and Diana memorabilia plastic bag with the date of their wedding on in 1981.

Alvaro having a look at site.

Charlie's Beard
. Charlie's beard has changed some what. He has shaved his neck.

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