Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 28: Wednesday 28th July

Weather: Grey.

Word of the day: Drain pipe

Find of the day: The rest of the drain pipe and where it leads. ( Pictured below)

You can see the rest of the drain pipe pictured above. This is the Victorian drainage system from the houses here at the Manor during the 18th/19th century.

This is what we thought was a cellar, but it seems that the pipe is actually leading down into it. Could this actually be where waste was stored? This photograph was taken from the pipe side of the pit.

Lily and Cherubin chasing a pipe dream!
This is the makers mark discovered on friday and breifly written about yesterday. We were sent some brilliant information from Chris Cumberpatch about it. Thankyou Chris. The mark is infact that of the Don Pottery and is dated to the period of the Barker family (1839-1893). It shows 'a circular garter enclosing enclosing a demi-lion holding a plain pennon'. This mark is often accompanied by the initials S.B & S (Samuel Barker & Sons) and is usually found at the bottom of the mark. This pottery comes from Swinton and Mexborough and founded by John Green in 1801. Don Pottery is not uncommon on sites in Sheffield. A large quantity was found on a site in Upper Allen Street. As well as local markets, the pottery had an extensive trade via Hull. For more information, there is a book available at Doncaster Museum by John Griffin about this pottery.
Hutch doing some shovelling and general cleaning up of his section of trench 16 so it is ready for photographs.
Hutch, The King of the spoil heap.

A roof tile that was covering the drain pipe.

Today in trench 18 it was all girls. We renamed it Team G/Trench G. Here are the lovely ladies. Eleanor, Katie, Philppa, Kate and Charlotte.

has left site. There is no Charlie's Beard today (we forgot) so expect 2 tomorrow. Apologies.


Name: Carrie. Ba Classical and Historical Archaeology.
Likes: Foreign foods and the cinema.
Dislikes: Digging in the rain, spiders and being late.
Favourite Films: Inception, The Mummy films, and The Lady and the Tramp.
Favourite 3 course meal: Nachos for starters, Lamb Rogan Josh for main with all the trimmings and for desert some Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
If I could be involved in any archaeological dig, I'd like to excavate: Mesoamerica.

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