Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 25: Friday 23rd July

Weather: Sunny and chilly.

Word of the day: MATTOCK

Find of the day: The stone from a ring. (pictured below)

Above is a fragment of pottery. On the front is an elaborate pattern and on the backside (pictured) is the makers mark. If you look carefully you will be able to spot a dog and flag.

Students taking part in the material cultures field school spent the afternoon learning about lithics and deciding how to arrange the artefacts found in the display cabinet. Above is the top shelf which has been used to display the large number of interesting and diverse game pieces we have found.

The lithics talk this afternoon for material culture students was held outside. Above are arrowheads and below are blades.

Alvaro teaching the students.

In trench 17 there was a real sense of teamwork. It was incredibly busy. Mattocking, shovelling, wheel barrowing. Everyone was busy.

Charlie's Beard and the Charlie's Beard shovel. Can you spot the difference?

The blogger took to the trench to do some serious mattocking. It proved to be the best stress relief.

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