Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 16: Monday 12th July

Weather: Rain, rain go away.

Word of the Day: Trifle and rain coats.

Find of the Day: A fragment of pottery with the word Blessed on it. This could be part of the phrase 'Blessed are the meek'. (Pictured Below)

A few weeks ago we found a snail called Sampson who became our mascot for the day. Sampson the Second came to visit the Historic Buildings field school students and brought along his friend Delila.

This week 7 students are taking part in a Historic Buildings field school. This school introduces and teaches students how to record medieval and post-medieval buildings. Students will be spending a number of days at Manor Lodge aswell as taking trips to Hardwick Hall and Monk Bretton Priory.

Above and below are photographs of some of the ruins at Manor Lodge being photographed by students.

Lily using a digital camera to make records of the ruins. 3 types of camera are used to photograph historic buildings. This process creates a permanent record. Firslty a digital camera is used. Secondly a 35mm with both black and white film and colour for archiving and also a Medium Format Camera. This is often used in architecture and produces a large negative. (Medium Format Camera pictured below).

A number of features have been discovered in Trench 18 recently. Samantha and Breeann have been busy trowelling the trench so the contexts become more visible and can be photographed.

Tom teaching students how to use a context sheet.

Trench 16 being prepared for photographs.

Charlie was sorely missed at site today. He is spending a few days at Bawtry Cemetery This is what an artist's impression of Charlie's Beard looks like today.

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