Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 15: Friday 9th July

Weather: Very hot and sunny.

Word of the day: Ear ring

Find of the day: A post medieval ear ring, possibly 16th Century found in Trench 17. (Pictured below)
During the 18th century small terraced houses were built on the site. Above is a photograph of the a Victorian drainage pipe, part of the drainage system discovered in Trench 16.

Kiln made of clay and straw for experimental iron smelting which is taking part at the weekend.

Part of a metal bucket found and lifted from Trench 15.

Pieces of knife bone handle found in Trench 17. 18th/19th century.

The largest tooth found so far. This tooth is absolutely gigantic and attached to a piece of jaw.

17th Century pottery found.

A small game cube found by Charlotte.

Today we had a talk given by Alvaro about the finds so far. This was a great opportunity for students to see things that they had found, cleaned and sorted. It was also a good chance for students to take pictures for their future coursework assignments.
Above are both of the cube game piece found.

Charlie's Beard is till growing strong. A ceremonial beard shaving has been proposed for the last day of the dig.

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