Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 24: Thursday 22nd July

We would like to say a big congratulations to Charlotte (our tea lady), who today graduated and didn't trip over. We would also like to say a massive congratulations to Lauren who is now engaged.

Weather: Grey with rain.

Word of the day: Sondage.

Find of the day: A teadrop shaped game piece. (Pictured below).

Philippa and Charlotte trowelling a feature.

Tom and Buttery Jonathan spent a large percentage of the afternoon in the finds basement. Tom was doing site plans and Buttery was matching the photo numbers with all 77 context sheets. Good job he likes paper work.

The word of the day is Sondage. In the most basic of translations, this means: 'digging a small hole'. Above, Charlie is digging a sondage and below is the sondage that the blogger dug. Tom popped over to trench 15 to see what had been going on and Charlie said: 'This is a sondage dug by an archaeologist (pointing at his hole), and that is the sondage dug by the blogger which makes the archaeologists look rubbish.' Thanks Charlie. Turns out the blogger (who studies English Language and Linguistics is a natural archaeologist).

The small skeleton of a chicken has been discovered. There is much debate over what the find should be named. Piri piri was suggested aswell as Mr or Mrs Tweedy. Above, Katie is photographing the find.

Kanani and Chris checking site plans.

Charlie's Beard. No different. May have to start doing a site plan of it so we can tell the difference.

Name: Caitlin. Ba Classical and Historical Archaeology.
Likes: Formula 1, reading and drinking.
Dislikes: Spiders and chickens.
Favourite Book: The Aenid by Virgil.
Greatest Adventure: Canooing in Scotland with with the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
If I could be anyone for a day, I'd like to be: The Queen.
If I could be involved in any archaeological excavation, I'd like to excavate: Mexico.

Name: Rachel. BSc Archaeological Science.
Likes: Pigs, football and music.
Dislikes: Snakes and ventrilliquist dolls.
Desert Island Discs: (6 Songs) At Atlantic City-Bruce Springsteen, This Charming Man- The Smiths, Can't Stand me Now-The Libertines, Mr Tambourine Man- Bob Dylan, Boys Don't Cry- The Cure, and Rock and Roll Queen-The Subways. (Book) Into the world by John Crakaur. (Guilty pleasure) A spice rack. (Rachel likes spicy food).
Favourite place in the world: The Lake District
If I could be involved in any archaeological excavation, I'd like to excavate: Stonehenge.

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